Learn about the various activities our lifesavers get up to

Many of our lifesavers patrol and expand their skills in various ways.
At St Kilda LSC, club members can get involved in fitness and sports, courses and training, and so much more.
The information below gives you a brief understanding of each area, but click on the button to learn more!


About Lifesaving

Our lifesavers volunteer time to patrol our beaches throughout the summer weekends and public holidays.
Undertaking many tasks and incidents, our lifesavers are qualified to perform to the standards expected.
Learn more about what lifesavers do at St Kilda LSC, click below.


Lifesaving Sports

St Kilda LSC has predominately been a major participant in Surf Boat Rowing, and recently expanding to others including surf ski, IRB racing and pool.
Find out more about our success and activity in Surf Lifesaving Sports


Courses and Training

St Kilda LSC holds multiple courses throughout the summer year.
Open to club members from both St Kilda and other clubs, the club mainly runs the Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate and other awards.
Find out more about the courses we run.


Want to Become a Lifesaver?

Becoming a lifesaver is one of the most memorable experiences and journeys to give a stepping stone into lifesaving.
St Kilda LSC is always looking for lifesavers and we would love to have you on board!
Click below to find out what it takes to become a lifesaver and how you can join.


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