About lifesaving at St Kilda

St Kilda Life Saving Club conducts patrols between Brooke's Jetty and the St Kilda Pier / Royal Melbourne Yacht Sqaudron. Patrols are conducted by qualified Surf Lifesaving Volunteers on weekends and public holidays between 10 November 2018 and 22 April 2019.


Typical patrols at St Kilda

Patrols commence at 12PM every weekend and public holiday between November and Mid-April every year. However, please note, St Kilda Life Saving Club does not patrol on Christmas day. Our job as lifesavers are to lookout for the swimmers in the water, especially between the Red & Yellow Flags. Lifesavers put up the Red & Yellow Flags to indicate it is the safest spot to swim in throughout the beach.
St Kilda is known to attract many tourists and locals to flock the beach every year. As one of Metropolitan Melbourne's busiest beach throughout summer, the need for lifesavers and supervision is high.
Lifesavers on the beach are qualified to prepare and equip with situations that may face them. Whether this may be a first aid incident, rescue, lost child or nereby aquatic problems, our lifesavers understand the importance of safety for the community and beach goers.
Some lifesavers at St Kilda are qualified for specific situations such as:
‣ Advanced Resuscitation
‣ Spinal Management
‣ Silver Medallion — Beach Management
‣ Silver Medallion — Aquatic Rescue
‣ Radio Communications & Operator
Want to become a lifesaver or contribute to how we provide safety to our beach?

Click here to visit the 'Want to become a lifesaver? ' or contact the Director of Administration, Suzette via email — enquiries@stklsc.com.au


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